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Dr. Frances Segal and her professional aesthetic team treat multiple body and facial concerns including wrinkles, sun spots, blood vessels, and skin laxity.  With the help of our experienced and highly qualified staff, you will see your facial and body imperfections disappear.

*Accepting all major credit cards and Care Credit* 


Dr. Frances Segal and her staff of highly skilled nurses and licensed aesthetic professionals has successfully treated thousands of patients. 


Our practice uses Allergan, Merz, and Galderma brand injectable products.  All injectable products are FDA approved so you can trust that you are receiving excellent care


With extensive experience, our nurses and physicians will develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs and your skin conditions. 

We know one of the biggest hesitations with getting a new treatment is not knowing what to expect! That's why we shoot these behind the scenes videos - just for you! • We want to help you feel more comfortable, and know exactly what's coming when you step through our doors. This is Nurse, and owner, Kyndra, treating one of our patients with her fourth Fraxel laser treatment. • Check out our stories for some before and afters... her skin looks DECADES younger than her actual age, thanks solely to the fractionated laser treatment!

What is Fractionated Laser?! • It's an FDA approved laser device, used to treat the signs of aging in the skin. It's a "non ablative" treatment, meaning it uses heat to treat the skin without damaging or removing any of the surface skin. • It helps treat and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, and brown spots. After a series of treatments, your skin is left brighter, smoother, and plumper. • We recommend starting with a treatment plan of at least 3 Fraxel sessions. Comment below with any other questions you have about laser treatments!

We've been telling you all about our newest treatment SCULPTRA on stories, and in our last post, this week. • A question you might have is, WHO is the best candidate for Sculptra?! The answer is - virtually everyone. Since we all slow and eventually stop collagen production, this collagen stimulator LITERALLY reverses the clock on aging. • It can be used above the knees for sagging skin, in the temples for "peanut head", in the buttock region for a nice lift, in the wrinkles of the chest and decolletage area, and all over the face. The possiblities are endless! • Check our stories for a few before and afters! If you can't tell, we are a little excited 😉. Come in and check it out for yourself!

DID YOU KNOW - The body produces collagen naturally, and produces it in abundance when young. • But, unfortunately, this collagen production slows, beginning at age 25, and soon after eventually comes to a complete stop! It decreases even more in women after menopause, and collagen stores in the body also decrease with other factors such as smoking, sugar and ultraviolet rays. • THIS is where our newest treatment SCULPTRA comes in! It is an actual collagen stimulant, and has similiar effects to cosmetic filler, but lasts even longer! We are proud to always be on the forefront of the latest medical aesthetic technology, and can't wait for you to experience the amazing results of SCULPTRA! • Call or DM us today to schedule a free consultation!



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