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Dr. Frances Segal and her professional aesthetic team treat multiple body and facial concerns including wrinkles, sun spots, blood vessels, and skin laxity.  With the help of our experienced and highly qualified staff, you will see your facial and body imperfections disappear.

*Accepting all major credit cards and Care Credit* 


Dr. Frances Segal and her staff of highly skilled nurses and licensed aesthetic professionals has successfully treated thousands of patients. 


Our practice uses Allergan, Merz, and Galderma brand injectable products.  All injectable products are FDA approved so you can trust that you are receiving excellent care


With extensive experience, our nurses and physicians will develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs and your skin conditions. 

When considering a retinol product, we highly suggest getting one that contains RETINOID. • What's the difference, you ask? A retinoid has a much higher concentration of the goods that do the hard hitting work on your skin! • We LOVE our @skinbetter Retinoid products, and also our @senteskincare BioComplete Serum (great retinol option for sensitive skin)! We carry these all in office, and can't sing their praises enough. • The AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads have a triple acid formulation, along with their patented Retinoid, leaving your skin smooth and bright. We also carry the AlphaRet Overnight Cream, in regular, and an "intense" version for those wanting a bit more of a kick ;). This cream contains a unique combination of an alpha hydroxy acid, as well as the patented retinoid. • These options all = visible skin rejuvenation, with little to no irritation! If you ever have any questions about skin care, please feel free to stop in the office or schedule a free consulation. Our staff is highly trained, and ready to answer your questions!

Retinol - you hear the word tossed around by everyone that it is something you NEED as part of your skin care routine. But, why?! What does it do for your skin?! • We are here to answer those questions for you! As we age, our body slows, and eventually stops, the production of collagen. This is where our help, and the help of a GOOD, quality skincare routine comes in. • Retinol is made from Vitamin A, and is added to skin care products. It helps to boost the amount of collagen that your body makes, which in turn plumps out skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves overall skin tone and color, and reduces mottled patches. It also helps control oil production, so it’s great even for acne prone skin! It also increases cellular turnover, which means it helps exfoliate your skin, making it always bright and glowing! • When used consistently as part of a medical grade skincare routine, you will see significant improvement in your skin! Don't know where to start on finding the best one for your skin - come in and we can recommend some products we carry in office, depending on your skin type! And stay tuned to our page this week for more valuable Retinol info!

Did you know - when lip products are made with an artificial, not naturally sourced wax, they actually do the OPPOSITE of hydrate your lips?! They coat your lips with the waxy substance, which does not allow the natural sloughing of your lips, and also doesn't allow any moisture to actually soak in. • We LOVE ❤️ Mizzi Cosmetics Lip products because they are formulated with natural oils, from sunflower, avocado, and coconut. They're ultra hydrating, and scientifically formulated to improve elasticity, lock in moisture, and naturally plump your lips. They're non toxic, petroleum free, and they help safely hydrate and heal your lips, especially after you've received filler in your lips! • The line we carry is for medical professionals only, and is even infused with hylauronic acid! Stop in to pick one up for yourself, or as a great gift 🎁 or stocking 🎄🎅🏼🎄stuffer!!!

Did you know lip filler isn’t just for plumping and making lips bigger?! • Filler placed correctly in the lip 👄 area can also help make uneven lips more symmetrical (and no one will even know you had anything done)! • Another great benefit of filler in the lips is the fact that it can SMOOTH your wrinkles, making your lips appear smoother and more hydrated. Having your lips done does NOT always have to mean overly plump. • Our master injector Nicole will work with you to give you the exact look you want. Never overdone, and always tailored to you!



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