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Skin Conditions

Below you will find links filled with helpful information to some of the more common skin conditions we treat.
Acne breakouts are disheartening enough but combine them with the scars they leave and it can be downright depressing. The good news is that we have many treatments to help fight acne and smooth away the appearance of scarring.

There is no doubt that Southern Californians enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, but with it comes occasional over-exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. But fret not, we have skincare products to protect your skin and treatments that reverse age-related skin pigmentation.

The combination of delicate skin and ever-present muscle contractions around the eye area lead to crow’s feet that can age you well before your time. With today’s host of fillers, wrinkle relaxers, and skin treatments, you can look the way you feel.
Have you ever heard of combination skin? You might be suffering from both dry and oily skin at the same time. It sounds crazy, but some people’s genetics can lead to concurrent acne breakouts and fine lines. Luckily we have treatments to keep your skin in check.
Eventually, we all succumb to a few fine lines and wrinkles, but there is no need to help age along. Premièr Medical Aesthetics carries a host of medical-grade skincare products and performs a plethora of anti-aging treatments to keep your skin looking as young as you feel.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for the 16 million Americans suffering from rosacea as of this writing. But we do have treatments that can squash flare-ups that cause embarrassing skin redness on your nose, cheeks, and forehead.

Some of us talk with facial expressions as much as our mouths. Sadly, our animated conversations take a toll on our faces, causing creases referred to as glabella lines. Though these forehead lines can reveal a great personality, they might also be aging you faster than your peers.
You might have a few vertical lines that flank either side of your chin. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles as our skin begins to sag. These wrinkles can give us the appearance of a marionette puppet, hence the name marionette lines. With today’s anti-aging therapies, there is no longer a need to endure these unflattering wrinkles.
Accidents and invasive surgical procedures can leave our skin disfigured. Scars can form after traumatic skin injuries and result in thick, fibrous tissue overgrowth. Some scars will disappear with time, but for others, you might need a little help from one of our laser treatments.
Similarly to not flossing your teeth, not protecting your skin from over-exposure to the sun can have real consequences. The sun’s rays can result in spots, pigmentation changes, moles, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. If you have noticeably sun-damaged skin, we have treatments to help, and we also carry medical-grade skincare products to keep your skin safe so you can avoid treatments in the future.

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